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2019 Fort Worth Business Plan Competition

The 2019 Business Plan Competition is now down to the final three, and Dynamic Development Strategies is honored to be among them!

After receiving hundreds of entries, only 25 applicants were accepted into the competition. The top 10 were announced in September. Out of 10 local businesses, three bested their counterparts and were announced as the finalists during the Oct. 10 pitch night of the annual business competition.

In addition to Dynamic Development Strategies, the other two Top 3 finalists include:

  • Alicia and Shawn Rizzo of Kraken Motorsports, a business that provides performance solutions to automotive enthusiasts.

  • Veena Somareddy of Neuro Rehab VR, a company that develops virtual reality therapy exercises that help speed up neurological physical recovery.

The Business Plan Competition is a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit that makes Fort Worth so unique. The city was originally settled by wildcatters, pioneers and titans of industry – mavericks whose vision, innovation, and grit echoed through the generations to build and shape what is now the sixth-fastest growing city in the country.

Though years have passed since Fort Worth was truly "Where the West Begins", today's entrepreneurs and small business owners still embody the same spirit – a spirit that is called to forge new frontiers, blaze new trails, and chase dreams as boundless as the Texas horizon.

Fort Worth's vibrant community of entrepreneurs is vital to making the area a hub for creative businesses, and the Business Plan Competition exists to set those entrepreneurs up for success. By the end of the competition, participants will have the tools, the strategy, and the mindset to grow their seed of an idea into a flourishing business. It also anchors their roots in a passionate, supportive community of like-minded individuals, mentors, and movers-and-shakers, all well-versed in the area’s business ecosystem and all committed to helping these small businesses grow to their fullest potential.

Dynamic Development Strategies, LLC is a woman-owned consulting business focused on helping small and start-up nonprofits with their fundraising needs.

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