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Accreditation and Continuing Education Services

 Service Packages

These plans focus on identifying the immediate and strategic needs of your continuing medical education/continuing professional development/continuing education (CME/CPD/CE) program and are customized to your stage of growth. Are you seeking accreditation or reaccreditation?  Are you wanting to grow your program?  Are you seeking efficiencies in managing accreditation standards and work them into your daily processes? 

Let Dynamic Development Strategies be your mentor and accountability partner as you increase your CPD knowledge. Whether you have specific concerns, need general counsel, or need a sounding board for ideas and brainstorming, we’re here to help.

Growing - Dynamic Development Strategies - Nonpofit non-profit fundraising fund raising consultant Fort Worth Tarrant County DFW North Texas


Up to six weeks of coaching on a time-limited basis

Starter Package​
  • Three hours of consultation time on accreditation standards that are most troublesome to providers, best practices and compliance strategies.

  • Staff development and growth

  • Policies and procedures advising

  • Recommendations on additional resources

  • Advisement on ways to automate or streamline processes and procedures

  • Goal setting and accountability check-ins

Ask An Expert Package
  • Three hours of consultation time

  • Client-directed assistance on accreditation and standards

  • Advice on expanding efforts and strengthening your CPD program

  • Sample policies and procedures

  • Recommendations on additional resources

  • Sample forms and recommendations

  • We'll connect you with the experts who are best experienced to answer your questions

Staff, Committee, and Other Trainings
  • High-quality (in-person on remote) trainings for staff, planning committees, and others on a variety of topics, including:

    • Accreditation Standards

    • Needs and Gaps Identification

    • Adult Learning Principles & Application

    • Commercial Support, Conflict, & Mitigation

    • Outcomes Strategies

    • Grant Strategies and Best Practices

    • Program Analysis & Improvement

    • Staff Competencies & Growth Plans

    • Documentation and Compliance



Advancing - Dynamic Development Strategies - Nonpofit non-profit fundraising fund raising consultant Fort Worth Tarrant County DFW North Texas


Three, six, and 12-month engagement with renewal options. 

Advising Package

Focuses on identifying immediate and strategic needs of your CPD program, customized to your stage of growth. 

  • Up to 20 hours to use over three months

  • CPD and accreditation resources, templates, and samples

  • Regular meetings with staff to recommend next steps, prepare for accreditation and guide the activity development process

  • Staff development strategies and guidance - designed to move staff from planners to educators

  • Review existing processes, procedures, forms and filing and make recommendations

  • One 30 minute training 

  • Work collaboratively with your program to strengthen it and build resilience to withstand inevitable changes

Can provide assistance with:
  • Policies & procedures

  • Accreditation compliance

  • Best practices

  • Grant readiness

  • Committee recruitment

  • CPD leadership

  • Strengthening current efforts

  • Event strategies

  • Needs, gaps, and program analysis strategies

Contact us to discuss your coaching needs.

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