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How Major Donors Are Impacted by COVID-19

How are you doing? Are you stuck in crisis mode? Is fundraising for your nonprofit keeping you up at night? Here is some good news that might help. According to a recent survey conducted by Fidelity Charitable, most donors (54%) plan to maintain their giving levels and a quarter of donors plan to increase their donations in response to COVID-19.

Younger donors, Millennials, say they will give more in response to the pandemic. The Gen-X and Baby Boomer generations are a bit more cautious and say they will decrease their charitable giving, citing the economy and fear of a recession.

As we know, no sector is isolated from the effects of COVID-19 and donors are certainly concerned about health-related agencies, but they are also concerned about other organizations, like those in the environment and arts sectors, and plan to continue to support those efforts.

So, what does this mean for you and your charity? How does this information help you? First of all, there is hope. Now, as someone famous once said, “hope is not a strategy,” but, it helps. It is so important to share your hope and struggles and optimism your donors, and especially your major gifts donors.

Let them know that you and the people you serve appreciate their support and that you still need them. Short videos emailed to individual donors are very effective. With everyone adjusting to working and schooling from home, it’s easy to feel like you don’t want to impose on people’s time, but remember, your donors care about your organization. They want to know what you are doing, how you are adjusting, so, share those creative moments.

Major donors, as defined by your agency, are especially keen to know what’s going on. They have donated significantly in your organization. Most likely, they feel that their gifts are investments in the future of your nonprofit. Certainly, you are grateful for all donors, but make it a priority to show them your gratitude.

To read the full article, click here.


Michelle Crim, CFRE

Dynamic Development Strategies can help. We offer coaching and fundraising services for our nonprofit clients. We specialize in startup and smaller nonprofits because we understand your challenges. Please contact us for more information.

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